Photo: Joshua Sitron

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Most pregnant women are aware of yoga poses they should stop doing, like cobra, locust and bow, all of which you lie on your belly for; and, poses that compress the abdomen, like head to knee or seated forward bend. But here are few others that can cause problems (plus, a few options for modifying).

Half or Full Lotus Pose
This hip-opening seated pose serves as a place to center, breathe and focus your attention inward. But in pregnancy, your blood volume increases dramatically and blood-vessel walls relax to accommodate this extra blood, making you more susceptible to edema (swelling) and varicose veins. Sitting in this cross-legged seat all too easily cuts off circulation in the legs and feet, and can create a tingling feeling from the compression of nerves.

Modification: Sit with the hips open but align one heel in front of the other, with both feet in line with the spine. The hips are open and the pelvis and spine are aligned, but without cutting off circulation of blood and nerves.