Have you fallen off the wagon? Are you ready to turn your life around? Putting yourself back on your to-do list, changing your diet and starting to exercise are crucial. But to really make a change you must take a long look in at yourself. "The journey to take better care of yourself, to honor yourself, to have reverence for yourself, to have harmony with your life, appreciation for your life, to love yourself is a never-ending journey," Oprah says.

Start by answering these five questions. Log on to our Best Life workbook to complete this exercise and get back on track!
  • What are you hungry for?
    "The weight is always representative of something other than what it looks like," Oprah says. "You don't have a weight problem; you have a self-care, self-love problem."
  • Why are you overweight?
    "It's not because you like a certain food," Bob says. "Get deep into it."
  • Why have you been unable to maintain weight loss in the past?
    "This one is really more about 'Why have you failed?'" Bob says.
  • What in your life is not working?
    "You're going to find the answers in those areas that you say are really important to you," Bob says. "But they're not doing well."
  • Why do you want to lose weight?
    "If any part of your answer hints that you'll be happy at a certain size or weight, you're setting yourself for failure because [there are] two outcomes," Bob says. "You never reach that size or weight and you're never happy. And even worse, you reach that size and weight and realize it has nothing to do with your happiness."
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