Carnie Wilson discovers what's really important in life.

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Carnie says she could only begin to turn her life around when she recognized what was truly important. "I did one thing. I asked myself, 'What do you really want? Is it the food that you really want? What are you craving? '" she says. "Well, it was very simple. I want to be healthy. It's not the number on the scale. I'm not worried about the weight anymore. I just want to be healthy. That's my focus. That's right."

Since that realization, Carnie says she's lost 50 pounds in six months. "It was practically effortless," she says.

Carnie attributes her new changes to more than her new healthier diet and exercise program. "It's more about going to a place inside of me as a woman who knows that I'm never going to have perfection," she says. "And that I deserve to be healthy and feel healthy."