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Day 13: Count Your Paces
Taking 10,000 steps a day is associated with everything from a slimmer frame to better blood pressure levels to increased insulin sensitivity. Yet the average American woman walks a paltry 4,912 steps a day. The easiest way to see how you measure up—and nudge yourself toward that 10,000-step goal—is by clipping on a pedometer. I found three that can help you hit your stride....

If you like data: fitbit
Wirelessly sync your pedometer with your computer to chart and graph every step taken and calorie burned on its robust site—and compare your data to other demographics. ($100;

If you like simplicity: Omron
Long the gold standard for accuracy, Omron is the pedometer favored by Oprah's trainer, Bob Greene. Intuitive buttons and a large display make the HJA-301 model easy to use, and its memory lets you store a week's worth of data. ($40;

If you like rewards: S2H Step
Hit 10,000 steps and you'll get a code to swap for points online. Rack up enough points and you can redeem them for a rotating list of prizes, like gift cards to Sears, Target, and Lowe's. ($25;