Dr. Oz has created the only grocery list you’ll ever need with 100 items to choose from. Here are his biggest time and money savers in your most popular food-shopping categories: protein, produce, dairy and grains.

1. Protein

Timesaving Protein: Frozen Soy Burgers
With today’s busy schedules, many people find themselves relying on packaged foods. While many of these products are not great choices since they can be high in hidden salt, sugars and fats, frozen soy burgers are a quick and easy protein source, especially if you’re pressed for time. Soy protein and fiber may help lower cholesterol, so these items also serve as a great meat alternative. Just pop them in the microwave and serve on whole wheat buns.

Cost: About $4 per box.

Money-saving Protein: Skinless Chicken Thighs
High-protein, flavor-packed skinless chicken thighs are a terrific bargain. Make them ahead of time on a Sunday to enjoy throughout the week. Poach in water to keep them juicy, then shred or chop up meat and use in your family’s favorite dishes. This is a great way to satisfy a household where everyone eats differently; the meat can be used in versatile ways to satisfy everyone – in tacos, wraps, salads and more.

Cost: About $3 per pound.

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