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Kerry Castellini, 30
Washington, D.C.

Weight: 168
BMI: 30.7
Pant Size: 12

Weight: 145
BMI: 26.5
Pant Size: 8

"Consistent exercise has made me feel calmer yet also more energetic. My gym time has become my space for introspection. It's my 'day in review.' I think about what stressed me out, what I did right and wrong. All this reflection has helped me understand what I need to be happy, and I'm no longer afraid to ask for it. I know that I love reading, being outside, and spending time with my friends. Before boot camp, it was easy to sideline those things for all the stuff I had to do—work, networking. But making space in my life for my health has shown me you have to make space for your passions, too. Otherwise you'll just burn out."