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The Egg-and-Meat Meal with a Few Surprises
This rich morning sandwich gets its name from pork roll, a type of lightly cured and smoked pork product that New Jersey natives often speak of with reverence. But even if you make it with Canadian bacon, you're in for a treat. It combines the salty meat with two ingredients you probably were expecting (scrambled egg and cheddar cheese) and two you definitely weren't (sautéed leeks and a few peppery sprigs of arugula). Served between two toasted English-muffin halves, the ingredients are a magnificent symphony of sweet, salty, sharp and soft.

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A Classic Breakfast, Sandwich-Style
Stuffed French toast may sound fancy or fussy, but this dish is actually a snap. First, you prepare an almond-butter-and-pear sandwich; then, you plunge it into a mixture of milk, egg, vanilla extract and lemon zest. The final step is to cook the soaked sandwich in a skillet until it's golden and crispy on both sides. It's easy enough to make on a weekday morning, and fits the bill as a tasty, high-fiber and protein-rich meal.

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Le Crazy Good Ham and Cheese
The French croque monsieur is a sandwich that somehow manages to be utterly simple (it's just bread, ham, cheese and béchamel sauce) yet ridiculously over-the-top. It's a jack of all trades, too, serving as a quick bite, a late-night snack or yes, even breakfast. We recommend turning it into a "croque madame," if you're so inclined, serving it with a fried egg on top, which creates a delicious oozy sauce—break out the fork and knife for this one.

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An Upgrade for a Beloved Sweet-and-Salty Duo
Peanut butter and grape jelly are a match made in heaven, but why stop there? Chrissy Teigen makes a couple of tweaks to take these two ingredients from delicious to decadent. First, she mixes creamy peanut butter with jarred caramel sauce. Then, she spreads the sweet stuff on toast, and tops it with chopped salted peanuts and sliced red grapes. The touch that brings this ridiculously good breakfast to another level: a smattering of flaky sea salt.

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The Avocado Toast with a Crucial Twist
If you're favoring lighter fare that still satisfies your cravings—without a gajillion calories—try this version of the ubiquitous open-face breakfast sandwich. It's a creamy, crunchy avocado toast topped with a poached egg, which not only adds rich flavor but the protein helps you stay full longer than you would if you'd just had avocado and toast.

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