The Yin and Yang of Desire

I have talked before about the dynamic of yin and yang energies in relation to food. In the realm of sexuality, the feminine, or yin, aspect governs blood and fluids, while the masculine, or yang, element governs strength and vitality. Both of these elements must be healthy and in balance for a harmonious and vital sex life.

Life is about a dynamic interplay of these two opposite and complementary energies, with either one dominating at any given time. In general, men are more influenced by yang energy and women by yin energy, but neither one is completely yin or yang.

For a healthy relationship, it's good to have an understanding of how energy works, for each partner to practice being in dominant or submissive roles and to realize it's not about strength or weakness. This takes good communication, consideration for each other and a willingness to step outside stereotypical roles.

Foods that support and nourish yang energy include fish, seafood and animal foods. Root vegetables, in particular burdock root, which is an excellent blood tonic and all-around strengthening food. Cooking methods such as baking, pressure-cooking and long, slow cooking also promote a more yang quality.

Yin energy, on the other hand, is supported by lighter foods and cooking methods. Vegetables, (particularly leafy green vegetables), fruits and lighter, sweeter grains such as corn nourish the yin element. Salads and raw foods are also more yin in nature, and steaming, stir-frying and broiling are more yin cooking methods.

Work toward creating a healthy balance of yin/yang energies in your own life, and you're sure to enjoy healthy and more vital relationships.

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