Sprinkles Cupcake

Photo: Victoria Pearson

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Though we've been eating cupcakes in this country for hundreds of years, a Sprinkles cupcake, born only five years ago, is distinct and instantly identifiable from the rest. At its core, a Sprinkles cupcake is a modern spin on a childhood classic and its aesthetic reflects this...its elegant, handcrafted frosting is swirled above a moist cake baked in a dark chocolate brown cupcake wrapper. The finishing touch is a modern take on the classic childhood sprinkle—Sprinkles' iconic modern dot.

Sprinkles cupcakes are recognizable the world over, but you don't need to be a business owner to think about developing a signature style. For instance, there are several moms at my son's school who have developed a reputation for desserts that go beyond just a great-tasting brownie. Wouldn't you love to be known for your pristine, organic cakes or your tarts and pies oozing with local, seasonal fruit? Or how about retro lunch box favorites that make everyone feel like a kid again? A friend of mine who is known for her festive dinner parties always challenges herself to make a dessert from the latest, just-released celebrity chef cookbook. As a result, her guests always know they are in for something unexpected and restaurant-worthy.

Create your own style:
Developing a signature style can be as simple as putting a personal "mark" on every dessert you make. At Sprinkles, our mark is our modern dot, but it could be anything—a candied rose petal, a drizzled chocolate "autograph"—or it could go deeper than that and really reflect what you love as a baker and a person!

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