Executive chef David Reardon of Bacara Resort & Spa and dietician Janis Jibrin taught Bob Greene's boot campers how to make healthy versions of their favorite foods: sloppy joes, French fries, mac and cheese, and chocolate pudding. "We' re hard-wired to crave fat and sugar because our cavemen ancestors needed all the calories they could get," says Janis. "But you can trick your palate into thinking your body's getting lots of calories with food that's good for you."

Sloppy Joes   Sloppy Joes 
Delicious, low-fat sloppy joes.
French Fries   French Fries 
A healthy twist: roasted root vegetables.
Macaroni and Cheese   Macaroni and Cheese 
Half the saturated fat of regular mac and cheese!
Chocolate Pudding   Chocolate Pudding 
Made with fat-free milk and unsweetened cocoa.


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