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The Protein-Packed Way to Kick Things Off
The indulgences begin as soon as you walk into the host's backyard, whether it's a tray of pigs in blankets or a big bowl of potato chips. It'll be easier to monitor your intake if you follow these two pieces advice: First, eat (or drink) something with protein in it before you get to the party. Kelly LeVeque, a certified holistic nutritionist whose new book is titled Body Love, tells her clients to do this for the same reason you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry: You tend to make poor food choices when you're ravenous.

Second, eat everything from a plate, a tip from Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, author of The Superfood Swap. That way, you're less likely to nibble and mindlessly pick at foods, and you'll put more thought into what you're eating. As for what to put on that plate, Rebecca Scritchfield, a nutritionist and author of Body Kindness, suggests wholesome, high-protein options such as deviled eggs and nuts. And just because the chips and guacamole are next to each other doesn't mean you need to eat them together. LeVeque likes to grab veggies from the crudité platter and eat them with a dollop of guac.