Kedgeree with Eggs and Tarragon Butter

Photo: Gus Filgate and Jason Lowe

Make an English Classic (That Isn't Tea Sandwiches)
Kedgeree, a versatile, filling rice dish, isn't well-known in the US, but it ought to be. Traditionally made with flakes of fish and other humble ingredients, this vegetarian version from Rose Elliot, one of England's most respected vegetarian cookbook authors, gets its heft from halved hard-boiled eggs.

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Pickled eggs

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Take a Cue from Beer Drinkers
It's traditional to find a jar of pickled eggs on the counter in bars; but the truth is, the briny bites aren't just for munching along with your beer. They also taste great tucked into tuna sandwiches or sliced and served on top of crackers. This recipe, from The B.T.C. Old-Fashioned Grocery Cookbook, is surprisingly easy: You just let the eggs marinate in a mixture of vinegar, garlic, sugar, pickling spices and salt for two days in the fridge—and enjoy.

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Lemony salad

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Turn Them into a Mimosa
You're probably familiar with the Champagne-and-orange-juice mimosa, but the term also refers to pressing a hard-boiled egg through a sieve to create tiny pieces. It's a more refined way to serve chopped eggs over vegetables or a salad; give them a try in dishes from cobb salad to this vegetarian main.

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BELT sandwhich

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Meet the BELT Sandwich
The beloved bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is delicious in its own right, but has also inspired all kinds of wondrous spin-offs (Fried Green Tomato "BLT", we're looking at you). If you're in the mood for a big payoff with minimal effort, cut across a hard-boiled egg, so you wind up with about six slices, then layer a few rounds of egg in between the bacon and tomato or between the bacon and lettuce (the bacon will help keep it in place). The egg adds another textural element—and a bit of extra protein, too.

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Give a Classic Comfort Food a Surprise Twist
Meatloaf with a round of hard-boiled egg in the middle of each slice is one of the tastiest culinary magic tricks we've seen. Start with your favorite recipe (here are a bunch to choose from). Spread half of the meat mixture into the pan, then lay two or three peeled hard-boiled eggs on top, lined up end to end (the number depends on how long your pan is). Top with the remaining half of the meat and bake as usual. Meatloaf may not be the best-looking dish on the planet, but this mini-makeover definitely gives it a lift.