The 3-Minute Muffin

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The Lazy-Day Muffin for a Crazed Morning
This clever way to make delicious breakfast muffins in only three minutes will become your new go-to. The trick? Rather than using an oven, you mix all of the ingredients in a ceramic mug and pop it into a microwave. The result is a fresh, single-serve, piping-hot blueberry mug muffin you eat with a spoon.

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Yogurt parfait

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The New Yogurt Parfait
Stirring berries, bananas, nuts and seeds into plain granola is terrific, but if you're looking for a more unusual take on the protein-rich breakfast, try introducing some of these less obvious flavors, which we spotted in the new book Yogurt: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Start with plain Greek yogurt and mix in grapes and roasted peanuts; pineapple and brown sugar; grapefruit and avocado; or, fresh apricots and toasted pistachios.

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The Kids' Classic That No Grown-Up Can Resist
Frozen waffles are one of the most convenient breakfast foods we know, but they're also incredibly versatile. Once you start thinking of them as slices of bread with the most perfect nooks and crannies ever, you'll realize the possibilities are endless. Toast one and spread almond or hazelnut butter on one side, then close the sandwich with another toasted waffle; add in bananas or apple slices for some sweetness. Or try this Swedish combo from the new book Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break: a thin layer of butter, plus a medium-hard cheese like Swiss or Jarlsberg, and marmalade.
Blueberry Brain Boost Smoothie

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The 5-Minute Smoothie
Rooting through the fridge, rinsing berries and peeling and chopping mangoes is no way to start a Monday. Instead, prep the fruit ahead of time (chunks are fine, as are whole bananas; just wash and peel everything)—or simply buy bags of frozen, chopped fruit. Measure out portions into small zip-top bags. Then, in the morning, pour juice or milk into the blender; follow that with the solids (they'll blend better with liquid underneath them) and gradually raise the motor's speed until the drink is at the right consistency for you to sip through a straw. A double-wall insulated glass will keep it cold longer.

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