One of the most valuable recipes in any cook's get-dinner-on-the-table-fast arsenal is a reliable, adaptable veggie dish. And when the weather's warm, look no further than this refreshing no-cook side, from Katie Workman's new book, Dinner Solved!, that delivers major flavor without your having to turn on the oven. The base layer starts with two staples of the produce aisle: celery and romaine hearts. On top of that comes a surprising add-in: shredded or slivered raw kohlrabi. The knobby veggie, which you can find in many farmers' markets and well-stocked grocery stores, is reminiscent of daikon radish, has a crisp texture and tastes just a tiny bit spicy. Workman, who has served this salad to kids and adults to rave reviews, calls the ingredient the "UFO of root vegetables" (it does look a little strange, with a bulbous bottom and long stems). It adds an unexpected, intriguing element to the dish.

The dressing is a twist on Dijon vinaigrette, with unseasoned rice vinegar lending a subtle Asian flavor. Other possible additions are pea shoots and green-apple slices; but even if you skip those ingredients, this salad is a winner.

Get the recipe: Light Green Crunchy Salad


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