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T.V. Roundup

Where Lena Dunham takes her quirky band of sisters when Girls returns to HBO this month is anybody's guess. I'm just happy to go along for the ride!

Best New Restaurant

I can't cook...but I sure can eat, which is why I'm looking forward to the premiere of Bravo's culinary competition, Best New Restaurant, hosted by Tom Colicchio.

Downton Abbey

Will Lady Mary finally make up her mind? Will the authorities come calling for Mr. Bates? Will the Dowager Countess continue to steal every scene she's in? Season 5 of Downton Abbey starts January 4 on PBS!

Photos: Courtesy of Craig Blankenhorn/HBO, Dale Berman/Bravo, Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2014 for Masterpiece

Photo: Joseph Zambrano

One of the great things about working at O...
is our creative director, Adam Glassman. He tells you what you're doing right, fashionwise, and he tells you when you have your dress on backward...but that's a whole other column. Anyway, knowing that I love a good necklace, he found these ombré chains in a variety of sparkly metallics for me. Perfect to channel your inner Mr. T. ($120 and up;
carrie underwood

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

I've loved Carrie Underwood...
since 2005, when she won American Idol, and to prove it, I've bought every album she's ever released. So how nice of her to put all my favorites on one CD. Greatest Hits: Decade #1 is out now! Thank you, Carrie.
charlie rose

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"It's not 'How do I fill my day?' It's 'How does my day fill me?'"
That's Charlie Rose's philosophy about work. My days are filled with women (all ages, all colors) who say, "You're so lucky you get to start every morning with Charlie Rose!" Happy birthday to my legendary friend, who turns 73 on January 5.
circle of friends

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In case you forgot a holiday present...
here's a shameless plug: Consider giving your special someone a spot in O's Circle of Friends. Membership in the circle is like having a backstage pass to our office—through an insider-y weekly newsletter, early access to The O List and more special perks, like this keepsake box of luxury beauty products! (