Photo: Courtesy of Gayle King

Even if you don't know how to hold a football...
(confession: I needed instructions for this pic), it'll be hard to resist Super Bowl 50 hoopla, from Coldplay's halftime show to the hopefully nail-biting game. Fingers crossed I get invited to a party February 7 to watch the action on CBS.

Photo: Richard Casteel

Take the name...
of this Austin, Texas restaurant at face value. Odd Duck is known for mismatched food pairings. Exhibit A: grilled shrimp with sweet potato curry, apple and Thai chili (find the recipe here). The shrimp is delicious with the added layer of flavor, but the real surprise is that it's Weight Watchers points—friendly. Getting a table at Odd Duck isn't easy, but tell them Gayle sent you!

Frames: Courtesy of company. Stefani: Yu Tsai

I've been wearing...
glasses since the sixth grade, when I was hit by a truck (true story). It wasn't love at first sight, considering my original pair was cat-eye shaped. If only GX by Gwen Stefani had existed back then. Her specs are affordable and cool, and there's not a feline frame in the collection—so I put in an order for five. ($149; for locations)

Photo: Courtesy of Finders Key Purse

How many times have...
you had to empty your whole purse to find your keys? That was me until I discovered Finders Key Purse. Pick a design (like the heart), add your keys to the ring of the clip, then hook the whole thing to the rim of the bag. Voilà! ($7;

Photos: Joni Kabana, Courtesy of Penguin Random House.

"Love. Without it, life has little meaning. It's the best thing we have to give and the most valuable thing we receive. It's worthy of all the hullabaloo." —Cheryl Strayed
Boy, Cheryl really nailed how I feel about love. And haven't we all had our share of hullabaloo? Whether or not you're planning a romantic Valentine's Day, remember that love is essential.

Cheryl's book is a compilation of her observations on topics ranging from promiscuity to parenting.

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The Rocket Man...
returns to his musical roots on his 33rd album, Wonderful Crazy Night (also a perfect description of the four Elton John concerts I've been to). There's nothing better than his classic piano sounds on the soon-to-be fan favorite "Looking Up." Throw Elton's longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin into the mix, and I know I'll be downloading the whole album come February 5.