Backstreet's back, all right! For the first time since member Kevin Richardson retired in 2006, all five Backstreet Boys reunited for a special appearance on Oprah's stage.

Relaxed and kidding one another like brothers, the band sat down for an exclusive Q&A after the show to remember the past, discuss the present and reveal the announcement that will have all fans squealing with delight.

Joan Podrazik: So tell us a little bit about what you guys have been up to and what's coming up for the future.

Howie Dorough: Well, the four of us here actually have just been finishing up a tour. Kevin's been taking a hiatus for the last couple of albums here, but the four of us just released the record called This Is Us, and we are about three-fourths of our way into this tour. We're probably going to continue on and finish off the tour in South America early next year, and we're really excited. We're going to be going on tour next year, as well, with the New Kids on the Block for our U.S./European Tour as of right now.

Kevin Richardson: I've been sowing seeds. Since I left the group in 2006, I had a son, Mason, and I've been sowing seeds. I've been studying. I've been in class. I've been studying the craft of acting. And that's what I've been up to, and the seeds are starting to bear fruit and I got a couple of films coming out next year and hopefully you'll see them.


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