Gallego with rapper Wiz Khalifa on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On Finding Her Groove

"I studied physical therapy in college, but I gravitated toward the deaf community there—and learned I was a natural at American Sign Language. I would sign songs for friends (I do a mean 'Baby Got Back'), and they'd say other interpreters never used their body the way I did. At a San Antonio arena, I saw what they meant: The interpreters looked like they were at a city council meeting. So I asked the show's coordinators if I could take over. Fourteen years later, I own a company, Amber G Productions, that provides interpreters for venues."

On Breaking It Down

"My job is to accurately convey what an artist is saying—and I never censor. For a song called 'My Wena' about a man's package, I had to sign very literally. The crowd was hysterical—I guess my imagery was spot-on!"

On Her Encore

"I have about 400 concerts under my belt, from Madonna to Lorde to Snoop Dogg. I also perform at festivals, where I memorize up to 150 songs. But even when I'm exhausted, I'm thinking, What's next? There will always be more songs to put on my hands."


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