Dr. Oz talks to the women about their health.


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The Health Benefits of Sex
Things started heating up when Dr. Oz told the women about the health benefits of sex. "You want to have [sex] an average two to three times a week, minimum," he says.

While he says that much of the data that shows a relationship between the frequency of sex and life expectancy focus on men, it exists for women, too. "The catch is with men it's about quantity. With females, it's about quality. It's about orgasm," he says. "It just has to be quality sex.

"Here's the real question folks always ask me, 'Should I force myself if I don't feel like it?' And the answer is, 'If it's with someone that you love and care for deeply, the answer is absolutely yes, because sex begets sex.' I mean, when you do it, it creates other changes that makes it easier for you the next time around," Dr. Oz says. "And plus, the easiest way for us to reach that Nirvana, that Zen experience, is to have sex with someone we care for deeply and love. It's that bond that we so crave."


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