Oprah and Gayle

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Day six of Oprah and Gayle's cross-country journey began with a rousing rendition of "Oklahoma" and a chance meeting with two handsome cowboys...but things soon took a turn. Oprah says she and Gayle got into the worst spat of their 30-year friendship somewhere outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. What did they argue about? Song lyrics.

The fight had been brewing for two days. While driving across the plains, Oprah and Gayle began discussing the meaning of "Graceland," a Paul Simon song that Oprah says is one of her all-time favorites.

"Was he talking about Elvis Presley's Graceland when he did that?" Gayle said.

"He was talking about going to Graceland," Oprah said. "Yes."

"I thought he was talking about something in Africa, and his love for Africa," Gayle said. "The story doesn't make any sense about going to Elvis Presley's home. ... I understood 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.' That made sense."

"Gayle, it does," Oprah said. "He obviously liked Elvis Presley, and he's finding some solace there."

After a lengthy disagreement, Oprah says she was very frustrated with her friend. "What I wanted to do was stop the car, open the door and get out," she says. Instead, Oprah took a few "cleansing breaths" and continued on toward Tulsa.