An exclusive! The crew of the Plastiki, a ship made with plastic soda bottles and other recycled materials, take you along on their adventure. Watch videos shot while at sea, and tour their living quarters.
The PlastikiOn Board the Plastiki
British explorer David de Rothschild and his crew share photos from the first few weeks of their journey to Sydney, Australia.

OlavEarth Day Reflections Watch
The Plastiki crew—David de Rothschild, Jo Royle, David Thomson, Olav Heyerdahl and filmmakers Vern Moen and Max Jourdan—reveals what Earth Day means to them.

DavidThe Plastiki's Mission Watch
While sailing the Pacific, David de Rothschild talks about the goal of this risky expedition.

The Plastiki's crewTour the Plastiki Watch
With camera in hand, David gives you an inside look at the crew's kitchen, bunk beds and more! Plus, how they do laundry at sea.

Jo RoyleHarnessing Solar Power Watch
Jo Royle, the skipper of the Plastiki, explains how they generate power from the sun.

Plastiki crewGardening at Sea Watch
One of the crew members aboard the Plastiki shows off their eco-friendly, hydroponic garden.


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