The first days of summer are upon us! This is a time when many of us choose to spend more time outdoors: barbecues, vacations, hiking and the beach. To look and feel your best (no matter how hot the climate), I've listed 10 essential things that will help you stay on your "A" game this summer.

1. Water is your friend. The important thing to remember is to drink it to replenish your insides. Spraying water on the skin to cool off can actually dehydrate it.

2. Use a primer before applying makeup. Primers give the skin a smoother finish and absorb excess oil, which allows the makeup to stay on longer.

3. Switch your foundation for a tinted moisturizer. This is a much more natural way to even out the skin tone without the heaviness of a foundation.

4. Keep your skin protected with SPF. This is imperative for skin protection and should be worn on all parts of the skin exposed to sunlight.

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5. Lips need protection too. Protect them with a moisturizer that has SPF. This helps prevent dry, flaky lips that tend to get even more irritated during the warmer months.

6. Go softer on your scent. We have a tendency to sweat when we are hot, which can cause the perfume to smell stronger. Remember this when choosing your summer fragrance.

7. Use a self-tanner for color. We all like a little color during the warmer months. These days, we have many different options for achieving this without having to lay out in the sun. This is a much safer, quicker alternative.

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8. Embrace the power of the ponytail. This is a style that is always age appropriate and will never go out of style. It also keeps your face and neck much cooler.

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9. Wear a big floppy hat and oversize sunglasses. These items add more protection from the skin's worst enemy. A hat is also added protection for colored hair, as the sun can oxidize the hair follicle.

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10. Don't be afraid of shine. I believe that that shiny, dewy skin looks like healthy skin. Instead of a setting powder, take away excess oil with blotting papers during the summer.

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