Makeup artist Damone Roberts may be known as "The Eyebrow King," but we think of him more as a beauty therapist. He's answering your most-asked beauty questions with confidence-boosting solutions that won't break your beauty budget. Ask Damone your question.
Dear Damone,

How do you get rid of the greenish hue that hair gets from spending too much time in the pool? I'm afraid to keep applying color—funds are low and swimming is one of the few luxuries I allow myself these days. My husband says if you have a solution to this one, he will personally be forever grateful!

— Jennie, age 38, Palm Springs California

Geez, Jennie, you know how to really put a guy on the spot. I not only have you depending on me, but the husband as well! The good news is I have an easy, cheap solution. Tomato juice works wonders by stripping the chlorine and adding shine to the hair strand, especially lighter colors. Make sure you apply the juice straight from the can, as you work it through with a comb. Let the juice sit for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing out. Now you can continue to enjoy your favorite sport, as your husband continues to look at his beautiful wife, with a more natural haircolor.

Dear Damone,

Your skin always looks flawless and radiant. Is there a skincare system that you recommend? And what makeup would you recommend that would look natural as well?

— Vickie, age 45, Rock Mount, North Carolina

Dear Vickie,

Thank you for the compliment! I am a huge fan of clean skin. I wash my face nightly with a mild cleanser and then remove any excess dirt and grime with an astringent. Lastly, I like to apply a soft glycolic acid before retiring for the evening. I only rinse with water in the morning, as my skin is very sensitive, before applying my best friend: sunscreen. I also recommend using a facial scrub twice a week and, if possible, getting a facial once a month. It sounds like a lot, but remember—the skin is the largest organ on the body. Take care of it! To keep makeup looking natural, I recommend using a tinted moisturizer to even out the skin and protect against the sun. Keep your eyebrows nicely groomed, and add a touch of color to brighten things up with a soft lip gloss.

Dear Damone,

I have extremely dry lips and have tried everything over the counter that promises to help. They all feel great for the first 15 minutes, but then I'm right back where I started, and sometimes even worse than when I began. What is your recommendation?

— Cicely, age 29, New York, New York

Cicely, I find sometimes the easiest solution is right in your medicine cabinet. I would first use a dry toothbrush to softly remove the dry, flaky part of the lip. To keep them moisturized, I would suggest something that does not have a lot of different ingredients, such as Vaseline. Lastly, remember to keep the body hydrated, which will moisturize from within. These simple steps are a sure solution to a very common problem. Best of luck to you.

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