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Photo: Sergio Kurhajec

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O, Yes You Can!
Long Hair at 60

"I know people say long hair can be aging, but I think mine keeps me young," says Diane Sheridan, a dance teacher and hairstylist who hasn't worn hers short since a disastrous cropped cut almost 40 years ago. She loves the wash-and-wear ease ("I can just put it up and go") and relishes her distinct look ("My grandkids show me off to their friends"). To play up her hair, Sheridan gravitates toward flowing, feminine pieces, like this chiffon maxidress. "You can never go wrong being who you are," she says.

To spotlight long hair:
Keep it in great condition. Sheridan uses a blow-dryer only on her roots for lift and lets the rest dry naturally. She avoids dyes, swears by natural bristle brushes, shampoos twice a week, and gets regular trims.

Choose bold jewelry. Earrings have to be large so they don't get lost in a tangle of hair. Keep bracelets, necklaces, and rings in proportion, too—nothing dainty.

Dress, Salvatore Ferragamo, $790. Earrings, Emily & Ashley. Cuff, Sushma Patel. Belt, Salvatore Ferragamo. Shoes, Edmundo Castillo.