Sandra Alvim - arms

Photo: Sergio Kurhajec

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O, Yes You Can!
Bare Armed at 60

"When I hit menopause six years ago, I hardly recognized myself, even though I still felt young inside," says Sandra Alvim, an astrologer and the author of Yes, I'm 58! "I found a picture of me at 27 and decided if that's how I felt, then that's how I should look." Alvim changed her workout routine ("I do tons of push-ups") and got her former body back. This subtly sequined dress highlights her toned physique. Suede heels add a pop of color. "I dress with elegance and common sense. You don't have to look dowdy at 60," she says. "It feels great to be sexy."

To wear strapless:
Find conservative cuts. Balance exposed arms and shoulders with a knee-length dress.

Save color for your feet. Bright and strapless is overkill. Accessories are the place to go wild.

Dress, Sanchez by Angel Sanchez, $924. Heels, Edmundo Castillo. Earrings, Emily & Ashley. Ring, Anton Heunis.