Shaping Up
The trend toward fuller brows doesn't mean veering into bushy territory. You still want to keep your brows in shape. Here's how:

Waxing: Soare waxes to eliminate the fine fuzz around her clients' brows, which makes them look more defined. Don't try to do it yourself (just ask our friend who had to pry wax off her eyelashes). If you're using a retinoid, your skin will be more susceptible to redness or irritation, so take a break from your cream for a few days before waxing.

Threading: This ancient technique involves pulling out the hair with a knotted thread held between the technician's fingers (and sometimes her teeth). It's a good way to remove soft fuzz, and Matin (who grew up in Afghanistan and mastered the skill from watching his sisters) finds it less irritating to the skin than waxing. (At the photo shoot, the model he demonstrated it on insisted it still hurt, though.)

Tweezing: After waxing or threading, most aestheticians pick up a tweezer to refine the brows—and this is the only kind of brow grooming you should attempt at home. "Don't try to do any shaping; just clean them up along the lines that were created by a professional," says Soare. And before you tweeze, fill in your brows with powder—it will prevent you from going too far.

Now that you've prepped your skin and brows, get beautiful eyes for day and smoky evening eyes.