Cucumber facial mask

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As any prizefighter can tell you, cold reduces swelling. So keep an eye gel in the fridge for those mornings when you wake up puffy. Pat it on for instant tightening (our favorites: Orlane B21 Oligo Vit-A-Min Cooling Balm Eye Contour and Sonia Kashuk Recede Under Eye Serum). When you have a little more time to depuff, cold cucumber slices or ice cubes wrapped in a piece of sheer fabric are ideal cooling compresses. For an anti-inflammatory effect, Sadick recommends soaking cotton pads in chilled soy milk (it's thinner than cow's milk, so more easily absorbed by the skin) and placing them over your eyes for 10 minutes. A couple of preemptive strikes: Elevate your head slightly when you sleep to prevent fluid from pooling around your eyes, and go easy on the soy sauce and popcorn (your belly isn't the only thing that gets bloated when you've indulged in too much salt).