Dhara Naik before shot

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In a quest to hide her dark undereye circles, 27-year-old Dhara Naik has spent hundreds of dollars on concealers. "But they're obviously not doing the job," she says. "I get eight hours of sleep every night, and I still look exhausted." Naik's problem is twofold, says makeup artist Sonia Kashuk: "She's using a pink-toned conceaaler that's both too sheer and too light for her complexion."

Finding the Right Concealer: The shade should be slightly warmer, not lighter, than your natural skin tone. Swipe a few options under your eyes—the best match will disappear completely into your skin. A formula that comes in a pot gives the fullest coverage, a concealer stick more moderate coverage, and a sponge-tipped wand the least.