DuWop Icedteas

Photo: Plamen Petkov

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Summer Refreshment
After giving herself a meticulous makeup job one warm Saturday, associate editor Kate headed outside to window-shop. Seconds later, humidity attacked. Her powder melted, her mascara smudged, her eyeliner dripped. Hiding out in a cool, dark movie theater for the rest of the afternoon, she swore off makeup on humid days. But she makes one exception: these see-through, jellylike lip treatments (Icedteas by DuWop, $19 each; Sephora.com ), which come in four fruity flavors—Passion Fruit, White Peach, Strawberry Kiwi, and Black Currant (the last two have a sheer tint). The balms contain soothing aloe and jojoba oil and leave just the slightest sheen without feeling thick, heavy, or sticky. In fact, they're just about all you'll need (makeup-wise) to face a hot summer weekend.

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