Kiehl's Portable Essence Oils

Photo: Plamen Petkov

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Once upon a time (right around 1920, actually), long before antibiotics and antidepressants, pharmacists at a small New York City apothecary called Kiehl's would hand-blend fragrance oils for their customers to remedy various "conditions." There was Purity Oil, Money Drawing Oil, a rich musk labeled Love Potion, and about 100 others. Sadly, over the past century, most of the scents were discontinued. But a handful of classics survived, thanks to their passionate followers, and they've just been repackaged in brilliantly modern (and practical) amber glass roller-ball vials (Portable Essence Oils, $25; ). Each label includes the date of the original formulation. O 's executive beauty editor Jenny recently layered Vanilla 1968 over Musk 1921 (a.k.a. Love Potion): rrrowwwr! Now she's lobbying for the return of that Money Drawing Oil.