1. Style your hair wavy so that you can put off haircuts longer—it's harder to see grown-out layers and split ends in curly hair.
Lisa Chiccine, New York City hairstylist

2. Before you get highlights, tell your colorist how often you're willing to return for touch-ups. If you want only three appointments a year, the colorist will give you fewer, more subtle highlights. 
Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City

3. Every other time you go for a single-process color, have just the hairline and crown dyed. You should be charged half the usual price, and your hair will be less damaged. 
Ouidad, author of Curl Talk

4. Buy eyeshadows that come in a trio—the shades are already coordinated. In one purchase, you get a highlight, crease, and dark shade, which also doubles as eyeliner. 
— Carmindy, makeup artist on What Not to Wear

5. Skip salon deep-conditioning treatments. Instead, buy a L'Oréal or Pantene hair mask at the drugstore, add a quarter cup of olive oil to three-quarters cup of the mask, and warm it in the microwave. Apply on towel-dried hair starting at your ends, comb through, and cover your hair with a plastic cap. Wait at least 15 minutes before you rinse. 

6. Invest in four high-quality haircuts a year. A masterly cut grows out beautifully, and four good haircuts usually cost less than 12 bad ones. 
Helena Faccenda, celebrity hairstylist

7. If you color your hair, always use shampoos that are safe for color-treated hair. You'll cut down on how frequently you need to re-dye because these shampoos won't strip the color. 

8. To make foundation last longer (and look more natural), use less than you normally do and add a little water. If you need more coverage on certain spots, you don't have to buy a separate concealer—just use the foundation straight from the bottle (it's usually most concentrated around the top). 
Rebecca Restrepo, celebrity makeup artist

9. Stop wearing colored nail polish—you won't need to return to the salon as frequently because chips won't be as obvious. 
Deborah Lippmann, manicurist and creator of the Lippmann Collection

10. If you go to a salon that has head or master stylists along with junior or staff stylists, ask if you can get your first cut with a top stylist, then schedule follow-up trims with a less expensive one. 

11. If you have fine to medium-thick hair: Instead of getting a full head of highlights, ask for a partial T-section. The colorist will apply highlights on just your part and the front sections around your face. This method is cheaper and faster, and your hair looks thicker because the darker hair underneath the highlights creates the illusion of depth. 

12. Some salons let you schedule as many free bang trims as you want. If your salon doesn't offer this complimentary service, ask for a lesson on how to do it yourself. 

This story originally appeared in the January 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.

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