Wavy summer hair

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If your hair is...wavy
Your Good Fortune: You actually have the potential to wash and go...and look like you just stepped out of a beachside photo shoot. Your hair's natural state is tousled, sexy, chicly relaxed—and humidity only makes it more so.

Your Challenge: Wavy hair can be a bit inconsistent: bending beautifully in one area, falling flat in another. And while steamy weather encourages the natural twists in your hair, it may also add some frizz.

Your Ideal Cut: Layers of varying lengths (starting about halfway between your crown and ends) encourage the shape of the waves and make the hair look fuller—but not frizzy. In spots where waves are flagging, shorter layers will inject them with more bounce. If hair is thick, like our model's, your stylist can also thin it out a little at the very bottom—just the last inch or so.

Steer Clear Of: Razoring or serrated cutting (when a stylist slides the scissors down the hair shaft). Both can fray delicate waves and leave ends looking fried. And if you have finer hair, be wary of too many layers—you need enough weight to help your style hold its shape and resist poufing. Swimsuit, Lenny. Sunglasses, Daisy Fuentes. Necklace, Ten Thousand Things.

Your go-to product: A silicone serum.

Your salon checklist:
  • Layers from midlength to ends
  • Thinning, starting one inch from bottom
  • No razors or serrated cutting
Your plan: Personalized product recommendations