If your hair is...thick and straight(-ish)
Your Good Fortune: You have a lot of hair—thick, lush, and full.

Your Challenge: You have a lot of hair—heavy and probably a bit coarse. As the humidity rises, it tends to expand, usually into a triangular silhouette, widening at the bottom.

Your Ideal Cut: Length helps keep a mass of hair from becoming overinflated—but you don't have to grow your hair down your back: "A cut that falls at least to your collarbone has enough weight to give you the extra control you need," says Sebastian. You also want long layers, starting about four inches above your ends; they're key to keeping your hair from stacking into that pyramid shape. And Sebastian always uses thinning shears on the last two inches, to take some of the bulk out of this hair type.

Steer Clear Of: Blunt lines. They'll make your hair look, and feel, even heavier. "You don't want a cut that's perfectly even at the ends," says Sebastian. And while long layers are a must, short ones will make it more difficult to contain your hair's fullness—the last thing you need is a shag. Sheer top, Zimmermann. Earrings, C. Greene. For details see Shop Guide.

Your go-to product: A light-hold spray gel.

Your salon checklist:
  • Collarbone length (or a bit longer)
  • Layers starting four inches above ends
  • Thinning from the bottom 
Your plan: Personalized product recommendations