Make July the month you call a truce with your hair's summer-weather tendency to flop, frizz, and generally drive you nuts. With the right cut (a matter of length and layers) and a few key products, you'll get a good chunk of your life back—and look genuinely gorgeous. Happy summer!
How much time will you invest in wrangling your hair this summer? We figure, ballpark: 15 minutes a day, seven days a week, for 13 balmy, sun-filled weeks. That's more than 20 hours that you could spend lounging, swimming, or juggling (toddlers, small-cap securities, torches). We have an idea: Let's declare a moratorium on blow-drying and straight-ironing. Not only are there better ways to spend your time, but when it's hot and steamy, fighting your hair's natural texture is an exercise in frustration—and sometimes utter futility. Even when you manage to force curls straight or muscle extra height into fine hair—the (often fleeting) results can just look...tortured. Instead, get a cut that highlights all the beauty of your natural hair texture, while tempering its challenges. Then you can set aside the dryers and irons (and exasperation) and still have a flattering style that's polished enough for work, and carefree enough for many hours of summer play.


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