Straight summer hair


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If your hair is...fine and straight
Your Good Fortune: Frizz? What's frizz?

Your Challenge: Without teasing or hot rollers or upside-down blow-drying (you know the maneuver), your hair can feel like it's plastered to your head (and humidity doesn't help).

Your Ideal Cut: A bob that's angled slightly shorter in the back than in the front gives fine hair extra lift at the crown. Deep, sideswept bangs can also help create the illusion of heft (they're most flattering if you have a thin or oval face). Another advantage to a shorter cut: It's a lot easier to wash every day. If you have fine hair, you likely also have more hair follicles per square inch, which means more oil-causing sebaceous glands, which means roots that get greasy—and flat—without daily shampoos. And while you're at the salon getting a new cut, you might want to consider a few highlights around your face. "Bleach causes the hair to swell up a bit, so it looks fuller," says Sebastian.

Steer Clear Of: Too much length. "Once fine hair gets below the shoulders, it's almost impossible for it to hold any style," says Sebastian. And request layers only in moderation. A few long ones can add swing to your ends, but too many make fine hair look stringy. Dress, Temperley London.

Your go-to product: A lightweight volumizing spray.

Your salon checklist:
  • Slightly angled bob
  • Deep, sideswept bangs
  • Face-framing highlights
Your plan: Personalized product recommendations