Kasey and Kristy at Q100 radio station

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With a little ingenuity and a lot of determination, two sisters from Atlanta turned their $2,000 into the biggest payout...by far.

When Kasey Osborne and Kristy O'Connor returned home from Chicago, they joined forces to help women in need. The sisters decided to adopt a local shelter called My Sister's House, which is a safe haven for battered women and children. "It's just a great place for women to be who are looking for a new chance of life," Kristy says.

Kristy took a week off work to focus on Oprah's challenge, and Kasey made non-stop phone calls to local businesses. Donations began flooding in. The sisters received diapers, formula, backpacks, school supplies, blankets, bibs...everything a baby could need, Kasey says.

Watch how Kasey and Kristy multiplied their money.

These resourceful sisters even hit the radio airwaves and pulled on the heartstrings of major corporations like Home Depot, Target, Pottery Barn, IKEA and Kroger grocery stores. Shoppers at local Kroger stores could tell cashiers that they wanted to "pay it forward," and their grocery bill would be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The money raised would be donated to My Sister's House at the end of the week.

In the end, even Kasey and Kristy were stunned by the final tally.