Megan and Ruth

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From a small town in Illinois to the sunny shores of Honolulu, Hawaii, almost every corner of America was touched by the kindness challenge. Megan O'Gorman decided to put her $1,000 to good use while she was in Honolulu on business.

Instead of relaxing on the beach, Megan used her spare time to visit the Kapi'olani Medical Center, which is home to many sick children. Many parents of these children can't visit very often because they live on neighboring islands and can't afford flights to Honolulu, Megan says.

Megan took action and went to the airport to purchase four tickets for heartsick mothers and fathers. Then, Go! Airlines surprised her by donating 40 additional tickets on the spot!

Back at the hospital, Megan made sure the tickets got into the right hands and donated two video phones so that parents could check up on their children from home.

Ruth, a 5-year-old patient at Kapi'olani, received three of Megan's plane tickets. Thanks to these unexpected gifts, her father, brother and sister were able to visit her on Thanksgiving. "It makes me really happy to have my whole family together," she writes. "Thanks for making that happen."