Minnie Scheidt

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One week after Oprah's giveaway, 314 videos came pouring in from audience members who completed the kindness challenge. "They're ordinary people who have all been a part of something extraordinary," Oprah says. "I'm so proud of you!"

When some audience members left the studio, they knew exactly how to spend their money. Minnie Scheidt of Centralia, Illinois, was not one of them. Minnie says she had no idea what to do with her debit card until she returned home. Through a friend, she heard about John Newcomb, a father of nine suffering from a deadly brain tumor.

Watch Minnie's mission from start to finish.

John, the sole provider for his family, has a neurological disease that causes part of his brain to soften. "He is really disabled at this point," Minnie says. "I wanted to be able to help them. I know that this [money] will be put to good use."

Determined to make a difference, Minnie enlisted the help of friends and strangers, who were anxious to get in on the giving game. Her community opened their hearts, and in just three days, Minnie's $1,000 multiplied.

With the help of the entire town, Minnie raised more than $70,000 for the Newcomb family! The money will help buy groceries for the family, pay off John's mounting hospital bills and send his oldest son to college