Family eating dinner together

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Terri H.
We have a great holiday tradition with my husband's family. My husband's uncle lives up in Alaska, and each year, because he can't make it down for the holidays (too expensive to travel), he sends us a huge box of King Crab legs for our Christmas Eve dinner!

We all gather round the table, heat up the legs and typically have a salad and bread (although we all call those "fillers" since all we really want to eat is the crab!). It's tastes so wonderful and is such a departure from the traditional holiday meals that people have, so it definitely makes us feel special. And if ever he stopped sending the crab (God forbid!), we all agreed we'd pitch in to keep the tradition going. It makes us feel close to his uncle at the holidays and feel like he's celebrating with us. Word has gotten out around my family and our friends, and everyone is always jealous of our Christmas Eve feast. I can't wait for December 24!

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