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Cate R.
When our two boys, Evan and Colin, were young, we started the holiday tradition of a Roth Family Christmas Pageant, in which the boys and their cousins (and adults too!) could showcase their various talents, learn to perform in front of others and have a great time with their family that wasn't centered only on material things like gift opening. This was a big hit from the start, and for 12 years now, we have been holding this much-anticipated event before Christmas dinner with the whole family. The kids plan the program, and we have had singing, dancing, instrument playing, comedy/theater, family game shows, singing, book reading, the reenactment of the Christmas story, "nose playing"—you name it! It's made for lots and lots of laughs and great memories.

At the same time, we have watched our children grow with confidence into young, very talented adults. Our oldest son is now in college at Harvard, and he still participates when he comes home for the holidays! I have been working on a "highlights video" to show at our Christmas this year, and I'm trying to edit hours of videotape down to 30 minutes of the best moments. It's been an amazing trip down memory lane and one that we can always cherish. I know we will never stop holding the pageants as long as we can still get up and wow each other with our many talents!

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