Assortment of pies

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Caroline E.
Our Thanksgiving tradition involves food, food and more food. I come from a large family that loves to eat. Everyone has their favorite dish, and heads roll if each and every one doesn't show up on the Thanksgiving dinner table. There are two kinds of turkey (grilled or deep-fried), potatoes (mashed or sweet), cranberries (fresh or canned) and stuffing (sausage or vegetarian).

But the food item that has become a not-to-be-missed family tradition is the pie. We average 15 different kinds of pie every year. Aunt Yvette spends days preparing the pies and homemade crusts to make sure that everyone gets their favorite. There are pies for the picky (cherry, but only with canned cherries and boxed pie crust), pies for the traditional (mincemeat...look it up!) and pies for those with a major sweet tooth (cheesecake pie, pecan oatmeal pie or my personal favorite, buttermilk pecan pie). Friends know to stop by our house on Thanksgiving night for the best and widest selection of pie in town. It just wouldn't be the holidays without it!

Do you bake something special during the holiday season?