Best Ritual

While brushing my teeth, I do 16 squats. I don't always have time to work out, so I feel better knowing that I've at least managed something. In college I used to do 64, which was a little crazy.

Best Way to Tame Butterflies

Breathe slowly—so slowly your heart almost stops. This comes in handy when I'm on-camera with a tornado behind me, trying to convey information without sounding screamy.

Best Collection

Snow globes. It became a tradition for my family to give them to me. When I was in the play The Wizard of Oz, my mom got me an Oz-themed globe; when my parents divorced, she gave me one with a family inside. Most are back home in Michigan—my fiancé would have a heart attack surrounded by all that clutter.

Best Goal

Erasing the term weather girl. I haven't spent my life studying thermodynamics and chasing storms to be trivialized! Even though we're well versed in math, science and current events, we're stereotyped.

Best Hobby

Studying wine. About seven years ago, a California winery asked me to help them educate the industry on how climate influences wine regions. Learning about the different climates and soils that grapes need—and getting tipsy while doing it—was fascinating. Weather and wine: two languages I speak well.

Best Quirk

I like weird food pairings, so I often throw together whatever is in my pantry. My most recent concoction: cottage cheese and canned peas on crackers. What can I say? I'm an adventurous snacker.


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