Best Wardrobe Staple

A classic pointy-toed pump. It's a smart investment: You can throw on a pair with a dress, a suit or jeans and a cardigan.

Best Inspiration

People watching. I wander the streets near my New York office to observe women at their most hectic moments: Sneaking out of the office for a quick lunch, rushing to the subway. It's good motivation for helping them dress like the badasses they are.

Best Quiet Place

My bed. I wish I could spend more time in it. I committed to finding the perfect mattress and sheets because I want to feel like I'm sleeping on clouds. And everything is white, which is incredibly calming after a long day at work with bright and colorful palettes.

Best Pick-Me-Up

Reading Naked, David Sedaris's collection of personal essays. No matter how down I might be about my family issues, his stories about his own make me laugh out loud.

Best Hidden Talent

On a trip to India when I was a kid, my grandfather told my parents that he sensed I had the same ability he did: To read palms. Today my friends always ask me to practice on them. Most don't realize I can sense their energy without even looking at their hand!

Best Adventure

Last year I bought a house in Southern California because I want my daughters to experience growing up in the sun with a backyard. With help from Siri, my 13-year-old has been guiding us around. For two girls raised on a concrete island, it's a real treat.

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