Best-Kept Secret

I was a thumb-sucker until age 12, which led to headgear, nightgear and rubber bands for two years. Awkward is an understatement.

Best Way to Unwind

On Thursday nights, I always try to make it home in time to watch Scandal. I light a candle, take a hot bath, then pour a glass of Malbec and head to the couch. That show is so smart and fast-paced. Anyone who's not watching is missing out!

Best Way to Feel Beautiful

Throwing on a bikini. After going to the beach in Rio de Janeiro, I realized we spend too much time in this country covering up our flaws. There, the more imperfections, the more you show them off. We all have dimples, but nobody has ever said, "Man, I would've loved her had it not been for the cellulite!"

Best Quick Workout

The stairs. Everyone is always crazy for the latest exercise class, but the steps are free intense cardio. The huge outdoor staircase in Santa Monica will kick your butt.

Best Recent Read

Black Boy, by Richard Wright, which I just reread after the Trayvon Martin case. I live with four black males—my boyfriend, Dwyane Wade, and three boys; it's important to me to learn how they move through the world.

Best Wardrobe Staple

Commando underwear. They're seamless with no stitching, so you can wear them with everything—a game changer. I have, like, 100 pairs in black girl nude.

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