Best Guilty Pleasure
Celebrity gossip sites. I know that by reading them I'm supporting an industry that hurts people who are making art and putting themselves on the line. Still, all I want to know is who's breaking up with whom and who might be pregnant.

Best Quirk
I can fall asleep anytime, anyplace. I've taken satisfying naps in a chair on set and on a park bench. I'm notorious in my family for having slept through a fire at our house when I was 5. The fire department came, and I missed it all.

Best Prank
On the Girls set, I was doing a scene with Adam Driver (who plays my boyfriend), who was supposed to pull back the sheets and find me curled up in bed, crying. Instead, he found Kevin, an older, gray-haired member of our crew, waiting to be held. It was probably a little rude since it was such an emotional moment, but Adam was a good sport.

Best Compliment
I recently told my boyfriend's sister that she's more capable of being happy for others than anyone I've ever met—a beautiful quality. It's hard for most of us not to be self-involved. I hope someday someone will give me that compliment, too.

Best Career Advice
Jane Rosenthal from Tribeca Films once told me, "Let them say whatever they want about you, but don't let them say you didn't answer their phone call." She inspired me to decide that I'm never going to be the person who lets e-mails and voice mails sit for weeks—I'm going to be the person who responds, even if the answer is no.

Best Tattoo
"The word staunch on my right wrist. Little Edie of Grey Gardens calls herself a 'staunch character.' It's a reminder to hold my ground like a tough old lady."


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