Flash or No Flash?
When should you use a flash, and when can you skip it? George says you should always use a flash. "I use the flash outside almost all the time. It is hard to be in the sun when it is perfectly even. The sun will leave shadows," says George.

Don't forget! When using a flash be aware of your surroundings. If you use a flash in front of any kind of glass, including mirrors, the light will bounce back and ruin your picture. Instead of shooting straight on, try taking your picture at an angle!

These tomatoes were shot with no flash.

These tomatoes were shot in the sun with a flash.

The Sun
Also, pay attention to the sun. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the sun is positioned behind you when setting up a shot, otherwise your subject can be overexposed.

Low-Light Conditions
When shooting in low-light or at night, George suggests shooting at a lower shutter speed (to keep the picture in focus you may need to use a tripod, or balance your camera on a fence or table). Most cameras have settings for shooting at night, which oftentimes does work, says George.

Lesson 1: Composition 


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