Framing the shot
One of the most important aspects of photography is framing the shot. Oprah's personal photographer, George Burns says many people tend to center the subject right in the middle of the frame, but that isn't always the best strategy. "I like the idea of the subject being off to the side because it creates a much more interesting story," says George. By making your subject off center you are essentially forcing people to scan the whole photograph—letting them take in the entire scene.

Another important step is to be sure and get some candid shots. You don't always want people posing for the camera or you'll lose the emotion of the moment. "I never put the camera down when we're taping. I always try to catch the moment, when someone cries or an expression. That is what tells the story," says George. While holding onto the camera for an entire party isn't always possible, you can make the most of your photographs by being tricky. Sneak up on people when possible, or shoot from across the room using the zoom to get some good action shots when they least expect it.

In this photo, Matthew McConaughey is center of attention, but there is no indication of where he is or what he is doing.

By moving Matthew to the side, you can see that he is in a region devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and the emotion of the picture shines through.

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