Many of us are like plants: We go into hibernation in the winter. Summer is when we feast, both physically and spiritually. Getting some dirt under my nails—digging, planting, harvesting—is my meditation.

Getting Out of Town
There's nothing like sun, surf, and drinks with tiny umbrellas to banish cold weather blues. This year I'm going to Costa Rica, because I like a side of adventure with my vacation. I'm told it's the rainy season—and I want to see the jungle through rainbows.

Working Up a Sweat
You won't see me in Spinning class, because to me, sweating is kind of like personal grooming—not a communal activity. But in the summer, I have no excuse not to grab my dog, Chip—the most perfect Pomeranian—and go for a walk in my neighborhood. It's not just good for my heart rate; strolling around with a cute dog is the fastest way to meet people.

The planning Congress does over the summer, when it's not in session, is critical to its success in the fall. I like to follow their lead and get my ducks in a row before the weather cools. Hey—at least there's something we can learn from Congress.

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