I don't think of myself as being creative. I'm not usually the one on my team to come up with the great idea; my strength is making a good idea better. But I have to admit that hanging around Julie Taymor, Bono, and the Edge last fall was a booster rocket for the creative senses. Together with playwright Glen Berger, this trio is producing the most ambitious and spectacular musical ever launched on Broadway, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

The music, sets, costumes, choreography, and visual magnitude of this production are a testament to the wonder and magic of the imagination. I left a rehearsal feeling so stimulated, like I too could fly through the air. Feeling like their artistry fueled my own. Feeling like my only limitation is within my own mind.

This is what all great works of art do: resonate with the artist inside you, no matter how deeply buried that artist might be.

For me, there is no better time to flex my creative muscles than now, with a new television network and nearly 9,000 hours to fill with meaningful programming—TV that actually enhances the way you see your life.

I used to think it was daunting to come up with new ideas for shows. I now see OWN as a big ol' canvas. And I have every color and combination of colors to paint with.

Some of these colors will work, some won't—I know that. The thrill, for sure, is to keep envisioning what can be and then have the guts to go for it and make it real.

Imagine that!

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