Meeting strangers on planes, trains, or in hotel bars.
I love hearing stories and gleaning insight into worlds far different from the one I've experienced. People love to talk, but it's more fun to listen.

Strolling through the French Quarter late at night with a to-go cup filled with spirits.
In my hometown of New Orleans, you can visit the living or dead without arousing suspicion. I walk from Bourbon Street to Faubourg Marigny, listening to the jazz floating from the clubs, reveling in history, and being open to what the night air allows me to feel.

Sexy high heels.
At least a couple of times a week, I wear my black Kenneth Cole pumps. They make me feel taller and just a little younger.

Sitting in a hot tub in Hawaii.
As a reward for working hard all year long, I take a few days each December to recharge with some of my best friends on the Big Island. Watching the buttery sun drop slowly into the ocean gives me a real sense of peace.

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